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There are many great physics books available to choose from if you’d like to learn more about the subject. On this page, I’ve listed some that have been recommended and/or helpful to me for learning the most interesting concepts in this general field of study. I have also provided a list of recommended books about or written by each of the physicists that I included in my list of important scientists. As you read through the topics on my site, I encourage you to make notes and select books to further pursue your interests. Enjoy!

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PHYSICS BOOKS (General Topic)

PHYSICS BOOKS (by Physicist)

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Niels Bohr Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Paul Dirac Arthur Eddington Albert Einstein Richard Feynman Alexander Friedmann George Gamow Alan Guth Stephen Hawking Werner Heisenberg Fred Hoyle Edwin Hubble Georges Lemaître Alexander Oparin Wolfgang Pauli Max Planck Ernest Rutherford Andrei Sakharov Erwin Schrödinger Karl Schwarzschild John Wheeler

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